Inspiring people to BE.

Reminders and Realizations

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered just who it is that stares back at you?!The truth is, you've always known you were designed for greatness, but situations and other people seemed to hold you back from reaching that greatness! What if I told you that they don't have that power except you give it to them? What if I told you that "the struggle" is not real? (I saw this on a meme the other day! I loved it! Because "the struggle" is a made up situation in your mind! How many times have you expected something to be difficult, and you breezed right through it?!) We have been programmed to think that we have to be a certain way or do things like another person does to be considered great. All lies! You, just as you are, are phenomenal! You can do what you do in a way that NO ONE ELSE can! may not be a singer! You may not be a professional athlete! But remember this; YOU ARE SOMETHING! YOU ARE SOMEBODY! YOU are YOU! There is no hype to live up to, because YOU ARE THE HYPE! Am i yelling? Maybe! Lol! I just really want you to get it! Have a EUREKA moment about yourself! Sometimes you have to be reminded of who you are and how amazing you are. When you realize it, it's ok to be ok with that!