Inspiring people to BE.

"It" is not YOU!

Things that we don't approve of happen in life. A lot of times, we allow those situations to send us into bouts with depression and the "downsies". It is perfectly normal and ok not to like things that happen, and you are not being weak by showing your emotions about those things. What is not ok, is the fact that, somehow, we have been programmed to equate these happenings with who we are...or our worth. Things that happen in life are not who you are. Do they help shape who you become? Sure. You have control over the shape that is created though. I'm not encouraging anyone to ignore how they feel in the name of "being strong". What I am encouraging is for us to really begin to deal with our feelings about things. Navigate through them and find your way to the top! How? By being honest with how you feel, why you feel that way, and what YOU can do to process through those feelings and come out on top. (It may mean speaking to a professional about what you're dealing with.) There is always a lesson in the experience. Learn it and showcase your amazingness through it! And under no circumstance accept these happenings as yourself.