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How Does It Feel?

How many times have you eaten a meal, only to find yourself dealing with heartburn, food comas, headaches, etc. ...Or, how about a situation with a family member or friend that left you feeling confused, inadequate, or just plain upset; and it happens regularly when dealing with certain people.
Do you even pay attention to the signs when you encounter these things?? Many of us don't. We accept them as the norm, when it shouldn't be normal at all! Food is supposed to nourish you and leave you feeling refreshed! People are supposed to be uplifting, and encouraging. I'd like to charge you to pay attention! How are your surroundings serving you? If they are showcasing your worst, how about making steps toward showcasing your best? Sure, it may mean giving up that weekly pizza and reducing it to once a month. It may even mean that you have to speak with that "friend" much less than you're used to doing. But you want to feel better right? So, serve yourself, and only make choices that nourish you with positivity, love, and light!