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I Was In My Feelings...

My friend Patrice said something to me a few months back during one of our runs.

"Imagine someone else doing what you feel you're supposed to be doing."

That's what this felt like...what I imagined that day. This was it.

A few weeks ago, I told you about my new job at the yoga studio (that I am LOVING, by the way)! Well...when I was doing my interviews the manager and owners were telling me about an upcoming expansion that is happening later this year. They talked about enjoying what I do as a health coach and possibly using my services in the expansion. Cool! Of course, I'm down for that!! Well, the job I applied for was for the front desk staff position, I was hired, and I guess I was doing a good job because they gave me my raise earlier than they said they would. Also cool! The same day that I found out about my raise, I also found out that they've hired a nutritional therapist and are offering her services through the yoga studio. I had overheard them talking about it recently because she was hosting a workshop at the studio in a couple of weeks. Each time, I heard about it or saw the flyers for the workshop though, it gave me a feeling in the pit of my stomach. I guess maybe a sense of jealousy or something because I'm like...that's what *Iiii* do. I mean...I think I was being prepped for this news because the day before I found out about her coming on board, I was thinking about stuff for branding purposes and resolved with myself that I would step away from the "nutrition" aspect of what I do, and focus more on mindset coaching because that's where my passion lies. However, I still found myself totally in my feelings. I'm guessing mostly because I had plans to reach out to several business (this one included) in the past...just to build local relationships and expand my network. I didn't because of reasons that I won't mention here. I had finally let go of holding out on living out my desires concerning my coaching practice, and decided to take a leap. I applied for this job in hopes of expanding my network, but was feeling like I lowballed myself into a front desk position. I had to remind myself that the owners did say that what I do is something that they want to have available for I held on to that hope. However, I couldn't ignore what I was feeling because I was feeling it and I didn't want to suppress it.

I always feel like it is super important not to ignore things like this that come up for us when we deal with situations that rub us the wrong way! It allows us to develop strength that we'd otherwise forfeit if we continued to pretend to be unbothered. Being unbothered is not a sign of strength. Being bothered, and learning how to navigate through your negative feeling to a place of positivity is where strength comes into play!

After working through what I initially felt, I came to this conclusion (with the advice of myself and a friend that I shared my concerns with):

Just because someone is doing "what you do" where you currently work, doesn't mean they're doing YOUR job. Sure, what they told me was that they would possibly use your expertise, but perhaps this is a learning and launching place. Perhaps this situation is molding you for the right time/place. It does sting when you think of it in terms of someone else doing what you do, and I think we've all been there, but sometimes it isn't the right timing or place. What she is doing is not really my area of expertise anyway. I think I'm just processing and getting myself to an ok headspace. I KNOW that I wouldn't be able to do what SHE is doing...I can only do what I do...and who knows where that will be used?! Could be here, could be elsewhere.

This happened a few weeks ago. Fast forward to today, and guess what?! Not only did I get that raise I told y'all about earlier in this story, but I have gotten ANOTHER raise as well as a MAJOR promotion from front desk staff to Operations Manager! Had I allowed that situation to cause me to react negatively, it could have prevented me from being promoted! To add to the promotion, I had lunch with our FABULOUS Nutritional Therapist yesterday, and we have some pretty amazing things coming up! Stay tuned!!!!!