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Here's what a few satisfied clients had to say about their experiences working with The Whole Core:

"The Whole Core Cleanse made an amazing impact on my life. I realized that I can switch out unhealthy snacks for healthy ones and feel much better effects on my body."
~Jasmyn L.12313640_10207060420843361_4519416863479395248_n

"Since beginning my 3-Month Lifestyle Builder Program with The Whole Core, I have realized that you have to be happy with yourself on the inside first. Things start to look better on the outside when you're happy with yourself."
~Angie D. IMG_7802

During my 8-week Meal Planning Program, Dana Grant was able to help me work toward my goals by both teaching and providing supplemental documentation on the human body and nutrition. She also gave me tasks to implement what I've learned in a manner that suits me.
-Neil J. 12468214_10156369708985514_1090043957_n

"I fill many roles; mom, athlete, employee, etc...I find myself constantly juggling my responsibilities and pushing through time barriers. I mean, who doesn't?! I believe this is how it is for most of us these days. It is easy to grab junk food rather than to take the time out to choose wisely and prepare something that is good. It is also very easy to put aside the time that we should take to look inward and reflect on what is going on with us. I have been very guilty of this. The Whole Core has been huge for me. Dana (whether she knows it or not) has taught me that taking time to prepare good food is not just good for my body. It is also good for my spirit. I have turned meal prep into a time to really focus on myself. I have found that I feel so much better when I spend the time that it takes to really nurture my body. It is a few extra minutes a day, but this is a few minutes that I would not otherwise give myself. Because of Dana and The Whole Core, I am a better mom, athlete, employee, and friend.'
~Vikena Y.1948187_10206886268909511_933944470958537554_n

"During The Whole Core Cleanse, I was able to rid my body of toxins. I also dropped 2 pounds over a 10-day period. Thank you, Dana, for all of your help."
-Justin L.10262109_10203066714217867_2895697384629162316_n

"The Whole Core has given me a reason to reinvent and explore ME every day. I am constantly challenged to not just look at my plate, but to look at the effects the world around me has on my plate and why. In having the tools to do this, I have discovered new ways to LIVE healthy, not just eat healthy." 
-Adam B. IMG_7803

"The Whole Core 6-month LifeStyle Builder Program revealed to me what a balanced life looks like and how to pursue it. The encouragement I received gave me permission to accept who I currently am & still pursue more."
~Patrice R. IMG_7799

"Thank You, Dana Grant, for your suggestions on different dietary supplement pills. This is exactly the type of input I need to live a healthier lifestyle.
-Ucambre W. 12468285_1188975124463357_1002836718_n

"I've been with The Whole Core since day 1, and it has been a major help for me. Made me realize that small changes can make a big difference. -Anonymous

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